Business Chinese Test
商 务 汉 语 考 试
  • Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers who wants to use wide range of business-related career occasions, daily life and social interaction.

  • HSK level 2 requirement to start learning BCT

  • BCT Test Structure consists of two relatively independent tests: BCT (Listening & Reading) and BCT (Speaking & Writing).

Business Chinese Test Result: (click the card to view. )

New Silk Road Speed-up Business Chinese
Elementary I & II
Basic business Activities
New Silk Road Speed-up Business Chinese
Intermediate I & II
Social life & Common Business
New Silk Road Speed-up Business Chinese
Advanced I & II
The process and links of business
What you’ll get:
Can understand and describe basic daily routines, expression appropriately and language materials that are commonly used in daily life and grasp major information.
What you’ll get:
Can describe topics of daily work, life or social contact and express personal idea, demands and express personal views clearly and consistently with communicative strategies.
What you’ll get:
Can use proper communicative strategies coherently and logically in verbal communication.

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